Bio-organic Fertilizer

Product Name: Bio-Organic Compound Fertilizer 
Main Characteristics
Bio-Organic Compound Fertilizer contains N, P, K elements, trace elements and a variety of nutrients required for healthy plant growth. This product has many functions of serving a role in activating, fertilizing and enriching the soil, guarding the plant against diseases and aids in increasing the yield, as well as improving the quality significantly. All these thus make it a contamination-free and pollution-free fertilizer.
Technical Index
 1. Total content of N, P2O5, K2O≥6%
 2. Organic content≥30%
 3. Content of dissolving-phosphorus, dissolving-potassium bacteria, nitrogen-fixation bacteria and active bacteria≥20billion/kg

1. Applied as base fertilizer in the application of soil preparation. 
2. Topdressing: hole application, furrow application, spreading or irrigating.

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