BASF registers new insecticide Tacazo for insect control in Argentina

BASF registers new insecticide Tacazo for insect control in Argentina

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BASF announced in Argentina the launch of the residual insecticide Tacazo, a wide spectrum product for the control of insects and arachnids. After the analysis and tests, the country approved the registration of the product, which is already being sold in Europe, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, under the Tenopa brand.

According to the manufacturer, Tacazo has an innovative aspect in its formulation based on the chemical combination of two potent insecticidal active ingredients: alpha-cypermethrin, a quick action and broad spectrum pyrethroid insecticide , and 30g/L of flufenoxuron, an advanced growth regulator.

BASF explains that with extended residual action, Tacazo brings a “complete solution to combat plagues, even those that are harder to control and those that present any degree of resistance to insecticides.” According to the multinational, this solution was requested by several companies that offer plague control management.

The product offers control over 12 target plagues: cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ants, kissing bugs, ticks, scorpions, catfishes, brown spiders, bed bugs, and moths. The Tacazo formulation is a concentrated suspension produced with exclusive technology at BASF's laboratories, without the use of solvents and without any resulting odor. 

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